August 18, 2022

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WoW Basic server populations in 2022 (April)

Whereas WoW Basic represents the millennial period of World of Warcraft, it stays ever common. Listed here are the entire WoW Basic server populations for this month in April 2022.

Whereas 1000’s of gamers selected to choose up their mouse and keyboard and plunge into the title’s newest Retail enlargement, WoW Shadowlands, there are nonetheless hundreds of thousands of OG Warcraft followers traversing the plains of the WoW Basic universe.

With the rerelease of the long-lasting Burning Campaign enlargement, followers flocked to WoW Basic day-after-day to attempt to work out what the entire hype is about.

Initially, this had an affect on the title‘s server numbers (dubbed ‘realms’ in-game), however issues have now began to drop off and stage out. So, with out additional ado, let’s delve into the WoW Basic server populations for April 2022.

Up to date April 14, 2022.


Blizzard Leisure

The Burning Campaign enlargement introduces the long-lasting Draenei into the WoW fray.

WoW Basic server populations (April)

For the entire present WoW Basic server populations, see the desk beneath. Please observe, nonetheless, that that is just for EU and US servers.

Server Area Alliance Horde Whole
Amnennar EU French 1,301 2,510 3,811
Anathema US West
Arcanite Reaper US West
Arugal US Oceanic 3,324 6,110 9,434
Ashbringer EU 1,601 207 1,808
Ashkandi US East 1,392 2,051 3,443
Atiesh US West 6,372 1,419 7,791
Auberdine EU French 4,442 2,675 7,117
Azuresong US West 1,174 560 1,734
Benediction US East 30,271 145 30,416
Bigglesworth US West 40 40
Blaumeux US West
Bloodfang EU English
Bloodsail Buccaneers US East 1,204 326 1,530
Celebras EU German 99 30 129
Deviate Delight US East
Dragon’s Name EU German
Dragonfang EU
Dreadmist EU English
Earthfury US East 39 414 453
Earthshaker EU English 6,115 12 6,167
Everlook EU German 6,147 2,234 8,381
Faerlina US East 142 25,152 25,294
Fairbanks US West
Felstriker US Oceanic 2 2
Finkle EU French
Firemaw EU English 20,495 15,796 36,291
Flamelash EU English
Gandling EU English
Gehennas EU English 143 21,697 21,840
Golemagg EU English 1,602 5,812 7,414
Grobbulus US West 8,860 9,332 18,192
Heartseeker US East
Heartstriker EU German
Herod US East
Hydraxian Waterlords EU English
Incendius US East
Judgement EU English
Kirtonos US East
Kromcrush US East
Kurinnax US West
Lakeshire EU German 2,618 1,490 4,108
Loatheb US Latin 55 55
Lucifron EU German
Mandokir EU 784 1,390 2,174
Mankrik US West 213 10,972 11,185
Mirage Raceway EU English 4,571 2,495 7,066
Mograine EU English 5 3,337 3,342
Myzrael US West 1,389 511 1,900
Nethergarde Maintain EU English 3,244 1,810 5,054
Netherwind US East
Noggenfogger EU English
Previous Blanchy US East 712 591 1,303
Pagle US West 10,165 25 10,190
Patchwerk EU German 364 2,235 2,599
Pyrewood Village EU English 6,709 2,051 8,760
Rattlegore US West
Razorfen EU German 2,807 2,743 5,550
Razorgore EU English 7 842 849
Remulos US Oceanic 2,290 917 3,207
Shazzrah EU English
Skeram US East
Skullflame EU English
Smolderweb US West
Stalagg US East
Stonespine EU English
Sulfuras US East 14 4,098 4,112
Sulfuron EU French 3,151 4,709 7,860
Sul’thraze US Brazil
Ten Storms EU English
Thalnos US East
Thunderfury US West
Transcendence EU German 903 2,098 3,001
Venoxis EU German 6,130 10,819 16,949
Westfall US East 4,784 1 4,785
Whitemane US West 225 16,043 16,298
Windseeker US East 1,687 1,533 3,220
Yojamba US Oceanic 2,299 3,314 5,613
Zandalar Tribe EU English
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This info was obtained through IronForge.

What are realms in WoW Basic?

While you first launch into WoW, you’re doubtless extra focused on getting your character battle-ready than checking which server (or realm) you’re on.

The realm that you just’re presently in is displayed on the high right-hand aspect of the primary display screen. You’ll see your listing of characters, and simply above it is going to be your realm.

A Troll shaman in the WoW Classic character select screen, showing the server button
Blizzard Leisure

Altering servers generally is a fairly advanced process.

Can you alter realm in WoW Basic?

Say you’ve simply hopped into WoW, then realized that your mates are in a special realm from your self. After all, you don’t need to lose every part you’ve labored for, however altering server is a double-edged sword for a lot of.

To alter the server you’ll must buy a Character Switch from the Battle.internet store for £19/$25. Notice that you just can not transport your Basic character into Retail WoW.

To get a Character Switch, you’ll must observe these steps:

  1. Log into WoW Basic and keep on the primary character menu.
  2. Choose the ‘Store’ button within the backside left nook.
  3. Choose ‘Companies,’ then ‘Character Switch.’
  4. Select which character you need to transport, and your present realm.
  5. Tick the ‘Switch Realm‘ field.
  6. From right here, select your new realm from the right-hand dropdown menu.
  7. Click on ‘Proceed.’

For the entire specifics you want, Blizzard’s phrases and circumstances are right here.

In order that’s every part that you must learn about realms and server inhabitants in WoW Basic! Be sure you try the entire servers accessible to you earlier than making your closing selection.

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