May 18, 2024

Traditional jambalaya often includes seafood because data sgp of New Orleans’ proximity to water. Shrimp and crawfish are typical additions, which can be added here, as well. To add the shrimp, cook on its own until just barely pink, then reserve with the chicken and sausage until the rice is added. Since this jambalaya is non-traditional as it is, you can also consider other seafood options. Scallops go well with sweet potatoes and can be seared straight after browning the chicken and added back to the jambalaya with the rice. Clams and mussels are great options, as well, and can be added in the final 5–10 minutes of simmering rather than being seared beforehand. If you are a pescatarian and want to enjoy a seafood-heavy jambalaya, we recommend using a mixture of shrimp, scallops, and clams, and swapping the chicken broth for vegetable stock. Or, if you’re feeling chef-y, do like Paul Prudhomme and make your own stock out of shrimp shells.