May 18, 2024

The Carter White House did serve wine and slot gacor online occasionally included a touch of hard liquor. Though, some might argue it was more than a touch. The book “In the President’s Secret Service” quoted White House Military Office director Bill Gulley as saying, “The Carters were the biggest liars in the world” – at least when it came to Jimmy Carter calling the White House a “dry” house. Gulley alleged that the Carters requested Bloody Marys on their first Sunday in the White House. Even the president’s mother claimed to have had bourbon during her stays on Pennsylvania Avenue.

Wine found its place for toasting during ceremonies and banquets, and according to Wine Spectator, Jimmy Carter later pursued winemaking in Plains, GA, his hometown, following the footsteps of his father after his White House tenure. Both Rosalynn and Jimmy Carter were acknowledged for their occasional enjoyment of a glass of wine, especially during international travels and when hosting dignitaries.