June 27, 2022


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What are Dragons in TFT Set 7? New mechanic defined

Dragons are greater than only a impartial spherical in TFT Set 7. In Dragonlands, the legendary beasts are the core mechanic, buffing gamers’ boards with ultra-powerful skills. Right here’s how they’ll work, and the forms of Dragons yow will discover.

With TFT Set 7 exploring the Dragonlands, it solely is sensible that gamers coming into the Convergence develop into conversant in the namesake beasts.

Dragons are on the middle of TFT’s newest replace, with the ultra-powerful items making up the core set mechanic. They’re extra than simply one other unit on a board ⁠— however finally what makes your comp shine. Most (however not all) of one of the best boards in TFT Set 7 will want a Dragon.

So, right here’s what you’ll want to find out about Dragons, together with what beasts you’ll be capable of convey with you into the Convergence.

Riot Video games

Shyvana is evolving right into a pure dragon in TFT Set 7.

What are Dragons in TFT Set 7?

Dragons are the particular TFT Set 7 mechanic, however they don’t work like different set-specific gimmicks earlier than.

“Once we landed on Dragonlands, we have been excited to create a roster impressed by all types of high-fantasy tales involving dragons. We regarded on the roster of champions to pull a few precise dragons, and we had so many to select from like Aurelion Sol, Shyvana, and that’s it,” developer Matthew ‘Wittrock’ Wittrock mentioned in a Could dev video.

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“We repurposed League’s dragon, and dragon-ish, fashions to suit into one of many seven realms of the Dragonlands.”

Dragons themselves are a part of a trait ⁠— very similar to Set 6’s Rival ⁠— that profit when there’s solely considered one of them on the sector. With every Dragon aligning with a distinct realm, they’ll buff up particular champions primarily based on their traits and allegiance to mentioned realm.

They’re additionally ultra-powerful items. Dragons acquire triple the trait bonus from their origin, take up two slots, and boast a formidable quantity of base stats. Additionally they have distinctive skills. Nevertheless, all this comes at fairly the eye-watering price ⁠— you do have to purchase them within the store.

Dragon Guardian Galio in League of Legends
Riot Video games

Some dragon-like skins, like Dragon Guardian Galio, are being repurposed for TFT Set 7.

Every Dragon in TFT Set 7: Skills

You could find particulars on every of the seven dragons in TFT Set 7 beneath.

Values appropriate as of TFT patch 12.11.

Ao Shin splash art in TFT Set 7

Ao Shin

  • Value: 10 gold
  • Traits: Tempest Dragon
  • Potential ⁠— Lightning Rain: Ao Shin fires a barrage of 20 lightning strikes at random enemies. Every strike offers 250/400/2500 magic injury and drains 20 Mana from his goal.

Aurelion Sol splash art in TFT Set 7

Aurelion Sol

  • Value: 10 gold
  • Traits: Astral Evoker Dragon
  • Potential ⁠— Black Gap: Aurelion Sol summons an unstable black gap beneath a random enemy. After 2 seconds it implodes, dealing 160/240/2500 magic injury to all enemies within the space and decreasing their Assault Harm by 40 for five seconds. Every forged the realm will increase by 50% and injury by will increase by 200.
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Daeja splash art in TFT Set 7


  • Value: 8 gold
  • Traits: Mirage Dragon
  • Potential ⁠— Echo Wind
    • Passive: Daeja’s assaults deal 60/100/333 bonus magic injury and scale back the goal’s Magic Resist by 3.
    • Energetic: Daeja sends a wind blast towards the most important group of enemies, dealing 100/200/600 magic injury. For the following 10 seconds Daeja’s assaults launch three barrages.

Idas splash art in TFT Set 7


  • Value: 8 gold
  • Traits: Shimmerscale Guardian Dragon
  • Potential ⁠— Golden Scales: Idas hardens her scales for two seconds, decreasing incoming injury by 50/75/300. She then roars, therapeutic herself for 400/550/2500 Well being and shielding different allies for 200/300/1000 for five seconds. The protect grants 40% assault velocity whereas it holds.

Shi Oh Yu splash art in TFT Set 7

Shi Oh Yu

  • Value: 8 gold
  • Traits: Jade Mystic Dragon
  • Potential ⁠— Jade Rush: Shi Oh Yu enters Jade stance, gaining 20/25/50% injury discount, immunity to crowd management, and empowering her subsequent 3 assaults with particular results.
    • Assault 1: Offers 325/350/1000% Assault Harm as bodily injury and stuns the goal for 1 second.
    • Assault 2: Offers 325/350/1000% Assault Harm as true injury.
    • Assault 3: Ends the stance, dealing 325/350/1000% Assault Harm as bodily injury to all enemies in a line and knocking them up for 1 second.

Shyvana splash art in TFT Set 7


  • Value: 10 gold
  • Traits: Ragewing Shapeshifter Dragon
  • Potential ⁠— Dragon’s Descent: Shyvana transforms into Dragon Kind for the remainder of fight, changing her capacity with Flame Breath. She then turns into untargetable earlier than dive-bombing the most important group of enemies, dealing 250/400/2000 magic injury and gorgeous them for 1.5 seconds.
    • Flame Breath: Shyvana breathes hearth in a cone, dealing 30/40/200% of the enemy’s most Well being as magic injury.

Sy'fen splash art in TFT Set 7


  • Value: 8 gold
  • Traits: Whispers Bruiser Dragon
  • Potential ⁠— Rampage: Sy’fen expenses towards the farthest enemy inside 3 hexes, dealing 400/500/1000% Assault Harm as bodily injury and knocking up enemies they move by means of. If no enemies are close by, he expenses once more. After charging, Sy’fen bits an enemy, dealing 450/500/2500% Assault Harm as bodily injury and ignoring 50% of the goal’s Armor.
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How does the Treasure Dragon work in TFT Set 7?

There’s additionally an eighth dragon to take care of within the Dragonlands — the Treasure Dragon. Everybody will get entry to it although, so long as you attain Stage 4-7, as it should exchange the Raptors PVE spherical.

As Riot expands participant company in TFT, the Treasure Dragon presents gamers with a alternative within the type of an armory-like store — a throwback to Set 5. The sport will supply gamers gold, gadgets, and a few particular bonuses to take. Don’t like what you see? Reroll for one gold. Nevertheless, it’s all or nothing — you’ll be able to’t choose and select from a variety to maintain and reroll the remainder.

“The concept is that the alternatives are all usually balanced, however there are some distinctive uncommon rolls that make you make a commerce off,” developer Stephen ‘Mortdog’ Mortimer mentioned in a personal developer AMA.

Treasure Dragon combat round in TFT Set 7
Riot Video games

The Treasure Dragon provides gamers much more company in TFT.

When did TFT Set 7 launch?

TFT Set 7, Dragonlands, launched throughout TFT patch 12.11 on June 8, 2022.

It included the same old refresh of champions and traits, in addition to the return of Hextech Augments and extra. You could find out extra about Dragonlands right here.