August 16, 2022

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Warzone gamers demand sniper nerfs as “ridiculous” Kar98k and Swiss K31 nonetheless dominate

Warzone gamers have demanded nerfs to long-range weapons because the battle royale’s “ridiculous” sniper meta continues, spearheaded by the ever-popular Kar98k and Swiss K31. 

Whereas Warzone’s weapon selection means a bunch of weapons have been meta at one level or one other, a number of weapons have remained constantly common since their implementation within the battle royale.

They’re the Kar98k, Fashionable Warfare’s marksman rifle, and the Swiss K31, which dropped as post-launch content material in Black Ops Chilly Battle. Each snipers are forgiving, fast, and ideal for taking out enemies throughout the map.

Nevertheless, with them nonetheless amongst the most-used weapons since Season 2 Reloaded sought to shake up the meta, some gamers are demanding Raven introduce blanket nerfs to snipers to steadiness them.


The Swiss and Kar98k have lengthy dominated Warzone.

Participant ‘meme-viewerno‘ stated on April 16 that they have been “drained” of the enduring sniper meta and prompt Raven make nerfs to probably the most distinguished weapons within the class in an try to push gamers in direction of different lessons and play kinds.

“Whether or not or not it’s Rebirth or Caldera, in case you aren’t working a sniper reminiscent of a Kar98k or Swiss you might be at an enormous drawback,” they stated.

“It’s extraordinarily troublesome to win a 1v1 if they’ve a sniper and also you don’t due to how OP it’s to have the ability to only one shot headshot. You don’t even need to be very exact it’s tremendous forgiving. Earlier than everybody says simply run one your self, I’ve and it’s extraordinarily repetitive.”

Anybody else bored with the sniper meta? from CODWarzone

They argued that, not solely can snipers one-hit enemies at any vary with a headshot, however additionally they scope in extremely shortly and have dealing with not reflective of their long-range profile.

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They completed: “I’m okay with snipers just like the HDR and AX-50 as a result of they’re balanced with unhealthy mobility however these marksman rifles have to be checked it’s ridiculous.”

Sitting at over 100 upvotes, loads of different gamers echoed the OP’s feedback. Regardless of being initially common in Warzone, conventional snipers just like the HDR and AX-50 have dropped away as a result of they’re far slower and extra cumbersome than marksman rifles.

It’s as much as Raven to make modifications and, with the Kar98k and Swiss being so common for therefore lengthy, it appears to be an concept the participant base is coming spherical to.