June 28, 2022


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Tyler1 rages at League’s most “damaged” champion

Twitch star Tyler1 raged in opposition to his most hated champion in League of Legends, Kayn, after having to go up in opposition to The Shadow Reaper in back-to-back matches.

Tyler1 has change into well-known for his bouts of rage that cowl all the pieces from Riot Video games’ stability modifications to League of Legends itself.

He threatened to punch his monitor when the corporate spoke in regards to the state of balancing new champion designs, as he barely made it by way of the corporate’s replace on the MOBA.

Regardless of the tons of recent champions which have been launched over time, there’s one which has regularly popped up that Tyler sees as probably the most damaged time and time once more: Kayn.

Twitch: Tyler1/Riot Video games

Tyler1 has over 4.8 million followers on Twitch.

Tyler1 explains why Kayn will all the time be League’s most “damaged” champion

The 27-year-old streamer was reside on March 22 when he misplaced back-to-back matches to Kayn gamers, practically shedding his thoughts within the course of.

Kayn chooses certainly one of two varieties for every match relying on what forms of souls he collects from his opponents: The Darkin Scythe, or The Shadow Murderer.

Within the first match, he misplaced to Shadow Kayn, which precipitated Tyler to erupt, “Why does he get imaginative and prescient going by way of the f**king wall! Dude, he can undergo partitions on no cooldown. Are you able to not give him imaginative and prescient so he’s punished man! Unreal, holy s**t.”

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Time begins at 7:35 for cellular customers

After watching a replay of the match the place he regularly referred to as Kayn “damaged,” he queued up for a follow-up recreation that had one more Kayn on the opposing facet.

Regardless of desirous to dodge the match he ended up taking part in it out, this time in opposition to Darkin Kayn, which resulted in a consecutive loss in opposition to the decide.

Tyler completed his ideas on Kayn saying, “Like I mentioned, whenever you price damaged champions, it’s implied that Kayn is all the time on prime. You simply don’t contain Kayn into the dialogue.”