June 29, 2022


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Twitch streamer swatted throughout cooking stream, nonetheless finishes his tacos

A Twitch streamer’s Taco Tuesday turned a terrifying one after he was swatted in whereas in the course of making his meals.

Swatting is a particularly harmful a part of the streaming world the place nefarious viewers alert the authorities that one thing unlawful is occurring at a streamer’s handle.

This usually ends in the police coming right into a streamer’s house with weapons drawn to cope with the alleged state of affairs, usually placing the streamer in hurt’s manner.

On June 21, Twitch streamer HeyItsMeSalty was attempting to make meals when police entered his house, leaving him a bit shaken up.

Twitch streamer finishes cooking after swatting

Within the scary second caught on stream, police introduced their presence as they entered Salty’s house with weapons drawn.

Though a lot of the printed has since been deleted, customers clipped the portion the place an officer entered the kitchen earlier than seemingly recognizing the chef off-camera.

HeyItsMeSalty then dealt with the state of affairs by speaking with the cops and even inviting them to return again for meals when he completed cooking. Amazingly, regardless of the loopy ordeal, the streamer even accomplished his tacos.

“They have been all very nice. I advised them to return again for tacos in an hour and a half,” he advised his viewers. “Usually I’d most likely take the remainder of the stream off, as a result of I feel I may need peed myself just a bit bit. However, I’m actually hungry now.”

The Twitch streamer addressed the state of affairs extra on Twitter, saying that his schedule is likely to be a bit off for the remainder of the week, remarking how the protection of his household would “come earlier than something.”

“On one other be aware, the stream by no means stopped the entire time. The cameras stored rolling as a result of nothing was retaining me away from my f**king tacos!” he added, sharing pictures of his creations.

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Hopefully, the police can catch whoever is chargeable for the swatting and produce them to justice. One factor is obvious although: don’t come between a hungry man and his tacos. Particularly on a Tuesday.