June 27, 2022


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The most effective TFT Set 7 comps in patch 12.11: Prime meta builds

TFT Set 7 is right here, and there’s loads to study. The meta remains to be in flux within the Dragonlands however we’ve obtained you lined with the perfect comps that you must strive on patch 12.11 to get your ranked grind underway.

Riot is welcoming gamers to the Dragonlands in TFT Set 7, however it may be a bit daunting. All these new models? New Draconic Augments? Treasure Dragons? It’s loads to absorb on the PBE, particularly with this Set being probably the most complicated but.

Nonetheless, we’ve obtained you lined with a meta information to a few of the greatest comps in Set 7 — as of TFT patch 12.11.

It’s all the time greatest to play flexibly round your objects and Augments, however these builds are essentially the most constant at getting Prime 4’s and wins so you possibly can climb the ladder as quick as attainable.

Greatest TFT Set 7 comps in patch 12.11

Whispers Flex

LoL Chess

You possibly can drop 6 Bruiser for six Whispers or different variants relying on what you hit.

So far as Emblems go in TFT Set 7, getting a Whispers one is by far your greatest wager for a assured first. The comp typically is so robust due to the trait’s worth in shrinking enemies and massively buffing your carries, but it surely solely will get stronger with an Emblem on the appropriate unit.

If a Whispers Emblem is obtainable to you thru Augments or Tome of Traits, take it and slam it on a carry like Xayah or perhaps a dragon Daeja, Ao Shin, or Shyvana (particularly good if you happen to get the Dragon Alliance increase). Mixed with Sy’fen and a comp that pushes 6 Whispers with Elise and Thresh, and the enemy gained’t be capable of combat again as you soften their board.

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You possibly can both construct Sy’fen as a tank with objects like Titan’s Resolve and Bramble Vest, or a carry with Infinity Edge and Bloodthirster. It actually depends upon what objects you hit and discovering a steadiness between back and front line. You will have some defensive objects to let your Whispers stack up so hold that in thoughts.

The remainder of the comp is all about rounding out synergies. Bruisers in for Sy’fen, Guardian for Thresh, and different traits in your different carries are the way in which to go. This comp is sort of excessive roll given it depends on a Whispers Emblem, however if you happen to’re provided one don’t go it up.

Mirage Flex

Example of Mirage flex TFT Set 7 meta comp
LoL Chess

You possibly can swap Yone objects onto Daeja if you happen to so select.

Mirage is the brand new Mutant of TFT Set 7, and it’s truly fairly robust. Whereas it’s a really AD-focused vertical with all its carries (Yasuo and Yone use AD objects whereas Daeja is an assault velocity carry), the choices are plentiful in the case of enjoying the composition.

Each Mirage comp revolves round a spine of Daeja, Yasuo, and Yone as potential carries. Nonetheless, the carry you play depends upon the Mirage variant. Executioners is nice for Yasuo, whereas Daeja and Yone each love the Duelist variant. The comp remains to be playable with Pirates (nice all-rounder for financial system), Spellblade, and Warlord (if you happen to hit models early).

The comp we’ve got listed above is with Yone carry as it’s the best to play. All you must do is hit a few bows, sluggish roll at Stage 6 for Yone 3, and push ranges from there. You possibly can select to play Leona with Braum or Nunu with Hecarim as your entrance line ⁠— the latter is larger capped.

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Nonetheless, if you happen to discover an early Yasuo or Daeja, don’t let it sit there doing nothing. Be at liberty to swap round objects and play with these higher-cost carries as they’re extra prone to get you a primary than only a Prime 4.

“Bouncy Citadel”

Example of Bouncy castle TFT Set 7 meta comp

If you wish to have everybody pinging your board and being a basic nuisance, then it’s time to explode the Bouncy Citadel. This comp has additionally been backed by NA professional ‘Socks’, who affectionately calls it the “cringe” comp.

There’s no actual synergies at play right here. What it’s about is filling out your board with essentially the most quantity of crowd management attainable. This implies enjoying a powerful early sport after which pivoting right into a board at Stage 8 that features: Lulu, Ornn, Sona, Neeko, Hecarim, and Bard.

It’s a bit exhausting to get Bard at Stage 8 so you possibly can run one thing else to offer you Mystic within the interim like Nami, however your carries might be no matter your objects and Augments inform you. You possibly can push 3 Ragewing and play Xayah alongside Swain, decide up Corki and Jinx for 3 Revel 2 Cannoneer, or Ao Shin for additional Tempest CC and loads of harm (hardest to hit although).

Take your decide based mostly on what you hit in your Stage 8 roll down and watch your enemies cringe as they stand nonetheless, ineffective for a lot of the combat with all of the stuns.

Tank Vladimir (Astral Mage)

Example of Astral flex TFT Set 7 meta comp
LoL Chess

You possibly can put Nami objects on Aurelion Sol (plus Mage Emblem) late sport.

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If you need one thing comparatively easy to ease into the set, how a couple of easy Astral reroll comp? Astral is the financial system trait of TFT Set 7 with elevated odds of discovering Astral models (together with ones with Astral Emblem on them) each 5 retailers.

With loads of crossover into the Mage tree, there’s benefit in enjoying Tank Vladimir with Nami carry. It’s a really robust early sport board, and if you happen to get 3 Astral 3 Mage as an opener in Stage 2 (attainable with a Stage 2-1 degree as much as 4) you’ll begin the steamroll early.

Throw defensive objects like Warmog’s Armor, Bramble Vest, and Dragon’s Claw on Vladimir. Nami will get a mixture of mana technology (Archangel’s Workers, Spear of Shojin) and uncooked capability energy (Rabadon’s Deathcap, extra Archangel’s Staffs, Jeweled Gauntlet).

You do need to attempt to hit Nami and Vladimir 3 as early as attainable ⁠— don’t be afraid to hyperroll at Ranges 4, 5, and 6 for the perfect store odds. When you achieve this, push ranges as quick as you possibly can to maintain up with the foyer as Astral does fall off a bit. Late-game, if you happen to discover a Mage spat, you possibly can switch Nami objects onto Aurelion Sol for a greater probability of successful the sport (Mage ASol is damaged, belief us).