June 30, 2022


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Riot hotfixing Mage exploit proper after TFT Set 7 launch to cease Aurelion Sol meta

Riot have shipped a hotfix for a Mage trait exploit proper after TFT Set 7 launched on reside servers after the bug went unnoticed in PBE. The builders have additionally pushed an additional nerf for Aurelion Sol, who benefited most from the exploit with a Mage Emblem.

All through the TFT Set 7 PBE check, one comp was dominating lobbies when gamers might hit: Mage Aurelion Sol. The Astral Dragon might principally perma-cast his black holes to wipe boards due to fixed mana technology from Evoker.

Its energy was a lot larger than Riot was anticipating ⁠— and that’s as a result of the Mage trait was bugged. As TFT patch 12.11 and Dragonlands goes reside although, the devs are tackling the exploit earlier than it will get too massive.

The bug went unnoticed for thus lengthy, based on Stephen ‘Mortdog’ Mortimer, as a result of builders have been targeted on getting every thing else prepared for the June 8 launch.

“Mage Aurelion Sol has been a terror throughout PBE,” he stated. “Everybody knew it. Dwell group (myself included) had lots of issues to juggle so we didn’t fairly give it the complete consideration we most likely ought to have.

“Upon nearer inspection in the present day, it was very off.”

The 2 bugs Riot uncovered affected each Aurelion Sol and the Mage trait as a complete. The primary one was Aurelion Sol’s mana lock was shorter than his spell forged time, permitting him to realize mana earlier than he ought to.

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The Mage trait was additionally bugged in an identical approach with all base items, and people with Mage Emblems, “not mana locked throughout their second forged”.

“The combo of those two bugs we discovered in the present day means ASol would take 4.6 seconds to forged twice, however virtually all the time acquire sufficient mana via evoker and harm to immediately begin his subsequent forged,” Mortdog added. “[It is] silly OP.”

Nonetheless, Riot have shipped a hotfix to keep away from a Day 1 meta of eight Aurelion Sol forcers in a foyer. This consists of rising his most mana whereas decreasing his beginning mana, and in addition bug fixing the mana lock.

“This can be a main nerf and from what restricted testing we might do [and] makes him far more manageable however nonetheless good.”

Additional modifications to the Mage trait and Aurelion Sol might want to wait till TFT patch 12.12 later in June although. Riot has warned that Mages shall be “fairly a bit higher than base for now sadly”, however the compensation repair is the very best they’ll do for now.

Dragonlands goes reside the world over on June 8, 2022. Discover out extra about TFT Set 7 right here.

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