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Psychic-type Pokemon weaknesses & resistances

Right here’s benefit from Psychic-type Pokemon weaknesses in battle to convey them down.

Struggling to defeat these pesky Psychic-type Pokemon? You’re not alone, Psychic-types will be particularly troublesome in battle. Not solely can they confuse your Pokemon into hurting themselves, however they’ll additionally put your Pokemon to sleep in a single transfer. Lastly, simply once you’re about to win the battle or seize that Pokemon, they teleport away stopping you from doing both.

Psychic-type Pokemon have existed because the very first era of Pokemon video games, so that they’ve given gamers hassle for over 25 years. The excellent news is, that Psychic-type Pokemon have some well-known weaknesses which you could exploit when battling one other coach or attempting to catch them within the wild.


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Jirachi’s twin Psychic/Metal typing makes it very versatile.

Psychic-type Pokemon weaknesses

When going into battle in opposition to Psychic-type Pokemon, it pays to know what their weaknesses are. Psychic-types are weak in opposition to Bug, Ghost, and Darkish-type Pokemon. Darkish-types are particularly helpful as they’re resistant to Psychic strikes.

Psychic strikes additionally don’t do very a lot injury in opposition to Metal Pokemon or different Psychic sorts. In fact, this additionally means there’s little level in bringing a Psychic Pokemon to battle one other Psychic Pokemon.

Keep in mind, a Psychic-type Pokemon might even have a second kind, for instance, they may be a Grass-type. On this case, they’ll even be weak in opposition to different types of injury referring to that kind.

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For instance, in the event you had been battling the legendary Grass/Psychic-type Celebi, then fireplace strikes would even be efficient in addition to Bug, Ghost, and Darkish-type strikes.

Psychic-type Pokemon strengths & resistances

We’d additionally keep away from bringing Preventing-type Pokemon right into a battle in opposition to Psychic-types, as their strikes do little to no injury in opposition to them.

Poison-type Pokemon are additionally susceptible to Psychic strikes so maybe depart these contained in the Pokeball when in battle.

Shiny Abra Pokemon Go
Recreation Freak / Nintendo

Abra stands out as the first Psychic-type Pokemon gamers ever come throughout.

What’s a Psychic-type Pokemon?

A Psychic-type Pokemon is any that makes a speciality of sure strikes that use psychic themes to both do injury or inflict standing results to an opponent. Quite than being elemental, psychic strikes usually scramble an enemy Pokemon’s mind indirectly.

For instance, ‘confusion’ is a psychic transfer. This places the opposing Pokemon right into a trance-like state during which the Pokemon assaults allies or themselves as a substitute of the Pokemon casting the transfer.

Psychic-type Pokemon may also have a second ‘kind’, which suggests it’s attainable to be a psychic-type Pokemon and a Grass-type on the similar time. There are additionally Water/Psychic-type Pokemon. Nevertheless, the kind is most frequently mixed with, Ghost, Fairy, or Darkish-type Pokemon.

Numerous Legendary Pokemon are Psychic-types on account of a lot of them being straight descended from the highly effective Pokemon God Arceus. Psychic injury is non-elemental, however Psychic-type Pokemon may also use elemental strikes alongside their psychic strikes.

So, that’s the way you convey down Psychic-type Pokemon. For extra content material like this, try our different ‘mon lists:

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