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Methods to get Datacards in LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga – All areas

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga has an abundance of additional sport modes to assist take your journey to the following degree, however to entry them you’ll want Datacards. Listed below are all of their areas and get them.

In a science fiction journey for the ages, LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga lets gamers relive among the most iconic scenes from the fandom’s ever-expanding universe in a fun-filled, block-like extravaganza.

That will help you in your method, there’s a complete swathe of codes to unlock totally different characters and ships, however for a lot of, the title‘s further sport modes are extra alluring. Permitting you to remodel the galaxy far, distant right into a disco, or alternatively wield baguettes as an alternative of lightsabers – there’s a complete plethora of recent content material simply forward on the stellar horizon.

With a view to entry these further sport modes, you’ll want Datacards, that are elusive collectibles scattered throughout each nook of area. So, right here’s get Datacards in LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga and a breakdown of their areas.

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With a view to unlock the sport’s further sport modes, you’ll want Datacards.

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga: Datacard areas

There are 19 Datacards up for grabs, however a complete of 20 totally different further modes and modifiers (Mumble Mode is unlocked from the beginning of the sport). You need to use any card to acquire any mode, that means that you may unlock your favorites first!

Beneath are the areas of all of the totally different Datacards, in addition to a breakdown of get them:

Datacard Location Methods to get
1 Sith Citadel (Exegol) Out of your touchdown pad, go South till you may entry the elevator that takes you underground. Observe the explosive barrels alongside till you get to a collection of pipes. Cross the catwalk and climb up the rope, and the Datacard is on the pipe.
2 Ewok Village (Endor) From the touchdown pad, head down the trail to your proper. On the finish of the trail there will probably be vines, shoot these to uncover a goal. Shoot this to unlock the hatch that homes the Datacard.
3 Ewok Village Crash Web site, Kef Bir (Endor) Head to Firm 77 Village and enter the home in your left (it’s fenced off). The Datacard is inside the home.
4 Niima Outpost (Jakku) Head to the crashed Star Destroyer and discover the Datacard hidden within the round escape pod.
5 Maz’s Fort (Takodana) Stroll down the lake’s shore from the touchdown pad (water in your proper) till you discover a big pillar. Grapple up this and press the stress swap to disclose the Datacard.
6 Crait Outpost (Crait) Go instantly left from the touchdown platform and climb the catwalks. Grapple throughout the hole (you might want to leap to get the grapple goal) to gather the Datacard on the other platform.
7 Cloud Metropolis (Bespin) Head to the Central Plaza and discover a flight of stairs main upwards. To the left of those, the wall is breakable. Use the Breaker Blaster to demolish it, then Grapple to swing throughout.
8 Echo Base (Hoth) The Datacard is subsequent to the touchdown pad, so merely use Grapple to hop onto the hand holds on the far wall, then once more to the close by catwalk. Maintain swinging to earn your prize!
9 Dragonsnake Bathroom (Dagobath) From the touchdown pad, go south till you get to the small lake. Go proper and head beneath two bushes till you see the vine with the Datacard on it. Merely grapple up and seize it.
10 Mining Complicated (Mustafar) From the touchdown pad, take the walkway on the far proper. Flip proper, then take the steps in your left. Swing throughout to the massive pipe with grapple, then observe the handholds to get the Datacard.
11 Stalgasin Hive (Geonosis) Head to the Canyons and head to the highest of the mountain. Climb the wall of the constructing to your proper, then head proper across the constructing, maintaining tight to the wall. Grapple up one more cliff to get the cardboard.
12 Kachirho (Kashyyk) Head in direction of Tree Vikkilynn then preserve proper, heading up the spiral. The trail splits into three; take the left path and exit Tree Vikkilynn. Leap to the platform in your left, then onto the following one. The Datacard is on the left.
13 Canto Bight (Cantonica) Head down the central walkway from the touchdown pad and cling proper down the alley. Flip left, then left once more when you may. Grapple to leap from wall to wall till you attain the little balcony the place the Datacard is situated.
14 Nice Temple (Yavin 4) Head beneath the touchdown pad walkway and use grapple to leap to a small handhold. Hop as much as the walkway to seize the cardboard.
15 Federal District (Coruscant) Head to the constructing with the pink door in Senate View. Go proper, leap down the 2 platforms and observe the trail round. Full the stress puzzle to earn the Datacard.
16 Uscru District (Coruscant) Head southwest from the touchdown pad and leap down into Again Alley. Take the steps to your left and leap over the spherical constructing on the fitting to seek out the Datacard.
17 Jundland Wastes (Tatooine) Head to Obi-Wan Kenobi’s home and climb the wall simply previous it (use a Drive-wielding character). Hop throughout a number of handholds, then use the Drive to create swingable poles. Attain the ridge and hug tight to the wall, following the trail down the bridge. Flip proper to leap onto one other ridge reverse, slide down it and declare your hard-earned card.
18 Mos Espa (Tatooine) Head to the Slave Quarters and search for the glowing doorway. Stroll previous the doorway and preserve going proper till you get to the again finish of the constructing. The Datacard is within the storage shed previous some discarded droids.
19 Mos Eisley (Tattooine) Head to Chalmun’s Cantina, the place the Datacard is floating above you. Use a personality with the Drive to stack objects and climb as much as it.
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In order that’s get Datacards in LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, in addition to a rundown of every totally different location.

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