June 29, 2022


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Metal-type Pokemon weaknesses & resistances

If you happen to’re getting clamped down on by Metal-type Pokemon, right here’s the right way to reap the benefits of their weaknesses in battle, and the right way to carry them down with one of the best counters. We’ll additionally embrace the main points of their resistances so that you’re totally ready.

Metal-type Pokemon are thought of to be a few of the strongest creatures there are. To some followers, Metal-types are one of the best and most hardy sort you need to use, in order that they select to fill their roster with highly effective steel Pokemon.

Nevertheless, as with all sort within the Pokemon sport collection, Metal-types might be countered and have their very own set of weaknesses that may be exploited. While you face a Metal-type Pokemon in battle, right here’s what that you must know to make a dent of their metallic armor.


The Pokemon Firm

Metagross is a fan favourite Metal-type Pokemon

What’s a Metal-type Pokemon’s weaknesses?

Metal-type Pokemon have three major weaknesses in relation to strikes and opposing Pokemon varieties:

  • Fireplace-types
  • Preventing-types
  • Floor-types

Due to this fact, when trying to take down a Metal-type Pokemon, carry alongside a crew that features Pokemon which belong to these classes.

In case you have a dual-type Pokemon that belong to 2 of those teams, even higher. Groudon, for instance, is a Fireplace and Floor-type Pokemon.

Finest counters for Metal-type Pokemon

When developing in opposition to Metal-types, Pokemon like Infernape, Blaziken, and Emboar are dependable choices. These are all Fireplace-types that additionally make use of their secondary typings.

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At all times keep in mind a Pokemon’s secondary sort when deciding on your counter Pokemon and strikes. Whereas the above three examples are efficient in opposition to Metal-types, the opposing Pokemon might have resistances based mostly on their major/secondary sort.

Dialga appearing in the pokemon go master league
Niantic / The Pokemon Firm

Dialga is famous twin Metal-type Pokemon.

Metal-type Pokemon strengths & resistances

In addition to having weaknesses, Metal-type Pokemon are additionally immune to sure different varieties and strikes. Metal-type Pokemon are immune to the next varieties:

  • Regular
  • Flying
  • Rock
  • Bug
  • Grass
  • Psychic
  • Ice
  • Dragon
  • Fairy
  • Different Metal-type Pokemon

Pure Metal-types are additionally proof against Poison assaults, so attempt to bear this in thoughts when heading into battle.

What’s a Metal-type Pokemon?

Metal-type Pokemon are normally fairly straightforward to identify as a result of their metallic-looking our bodies or robot-style design. They appear shiny and futuristic when in comparison with different Pokemon.

They’re typically dual-type Pokemon themselves, nonetheless, some are pure Metal-type Pokemon and these are sometimes the hardest ones in battle. The excellent news is, that they are often defeated by making the most of their weaknesses and by fielding Pokemon which might be efficient in opposition to them.

So, that’s the entire weaknesses and resistances that you must learn about that will help you knock down Metal-type Pokemon within the collection.

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