June 27, 2022


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Hasan claims he would “completely destroy” xQc in a boxing match following tier listing beef

Hasan Piker not too long ago created a tier listing of web personalities he would both beat or fall to in a combat throughout which he claimed he would “completely destroy” xQc.

The meat began between Hasan and xQc after Felix created a streamer tier listing. xQc positioned himself within the prime tier and positioned Hasan in B-tier stating he “likes Hasan lots”.

Whereas xQc claims the B-tier placement was due to the streamer’s lack of versatility, Hasan claimed it was as a result of he wouldn’t have the French-Canadian on his stream throughout a trending political occasion.

Hasan went on to name out xQc’s playing streams and said Felix “wasn’t a great individual”. xQc responded to Hasan’s claims on stream stating they have been “lame as f**ok”.

Hasan Pike, 30, not too long ago referred to as out xQc on Twitter after he was positioned in B-Tier of a streamer tier listing.

Hasan ranks xQc on preventing tier listing

On June 19, Hasan took to Twitch to create his personal streamer tier listing, however with a twist. As an alternative of rating their talents as a streamer, he ranked the candidates based mostly on whether or not he may beat them in a combat.

Hasan would place xQc within the “would completely destroy them” tier alongside Asmongold, Shroud, Ninja, and extra. Nonetheless, Hasan’s chat would supply him and his visitors with varied clips to make use of as proof for his placement.

These clips included footage of xQc on the fitness center, punching a sandbag, wrestling Sodapoppin, and boxing Esfand. The three laughed at xQc’s type and infrequently in contrast the scale of his legs to Hasan’s arms.

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The three agreed that Hasan would destroy xQc in a combat if there was no weight class. Nonetheless, in the event that they have been to field it could be close to unimaginable for Hasan to shed sufficient weight to compete pretty.

After inserting xQc within the worst tier, Hasan sarcastically remarked, “I take tier lists very significantly. Clearly, that’s undoubtedly why I’m very upset. Everybody was very appropriate on that evaluation.”

He ended the section by stating, “Now xQc can do a ‘f**ok this man what a hypocrite he did a tier listing after complaining a few tier listing’ factor.”