August 16, 2022

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AFK Area tier record (April 2022): Finest heroes in patch 1.87

Searching for an AFK Area hero tier record that can assist you to know which characters are presently finest suited in patch 1.87? Take a look at your complete tier record under for every part you should know in regards to the sport’s meta as of April 2022.

With loads of heroes to select from within the gacha-based RPG, AFK Area, this can be very essential so that you can know that are the perfect to improve with the restricted assets that you’ve.

Moreover, as every of the accessible characters are divided into 5 totally different factions, making that all-important selection is usually a little complicated. Nonetheless, we now have you lined with an in depth tier record for all of the accessible factions and heroes in AFK Area, so let’s dive in and take a look at every part you should know for the gacha RPG.


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Be certain that to decide on the perfect heroes in your celebration in AFK Area with our tier record.

AFK Area factions

As talked about above, the heroes in AFK Area are categorized in keeping with the faction they’re from. There’s a whole of 5 totally different factions within the sport:

  • Mages
  • Rangers
  • Helps
  • Tanks
  • Warriors

Provided that the power of a selected hero depends on particular eventualities that they’re in – from the synergy between the heroes in a celebration to how an enemy counters them – we’ve damaged down our AFK Area tier record faction by faction:

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AFK Area hero tier record

Finest mages in AFK Area

Heroes from this faction excel in casting spells for a wide range of functions. Be it to deal huge harm and crowd-control enemies or to buff up their very own allies, Mages are highly effective in conditions suited to their skills.

Tier Heroes
A Ainz Ooal Robe, Khazard, Merlin, Zaphrael
B Mehira, Eluard, Flora, Lorsan, Pippa, Morael, Safiya
C Theksu, Belinda, Skriath, Isabella, Oden
D Shemira, Leonardo, Satrana, Solise

Finest rangers in AFK Area

Rangers are adept at dealing bodily harm to enemies, and though these heroes aren’t precisely sustain-heavy, they make up for it with the quantity of harm they deal to their enemies.

Tier Heroes
A Eironn, Ferael, Athalia, Lucretia, Ezio, Raku
B Lyca, Joker, Kren, Gwyneth, Nakoruru, Prince of Persia
C Drez, Fawkes, Cecilia, Respen, Theowyn
D Kelthur, Tidus, Vurk, Kaz, Oscar, Thane

Finest helps in AFK Area

Regardless of how good a hero could be, they’ll face eventualities in AFK Area which might be close to inconceivable to beat with out help.

Help heroes are inclined to depend on saves and buffs for different heroes within the fight celebration and may be the distinction between successful and dropping in varied conditions.

Tier Heroes
A Elijah and Lailah, Leofric, Ezizsh, Rowan, Talene
B Silas, Tasi, Desira, Mortas, Rosaline
C Nemora, Numisu, Raine
D Peggy, Arden
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Lilith Video games

With 5 factions to select from, every character has their very own distinctive skills so as to add to your AFK Area fight celebration.

Finest tanks in AFK Area

Because the identify suggests, these heroes are extraordinarily sustain-heavy and absorb any harm or crowd management that the enemy may need to throw.

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Tanks are distinctive relating to holding the frontline, and are important in nearly each group composition.

Tier Heroes
A Daimon, Thoran
B Albedo, Titus, Arthur, Grezhul, Mezoth, Skreg
C Orthros, Brutus, Hendrik, Anoki
D Gorvo, Ulmus, Torne, Lucius

Finest warriors in AFK Area

These are the heroes who will not be solely able to dealing bursts of harm and utility but in addition absorbing a good quantity of harm when the scenario requires it.

Tier Heroes
A Alna, Saurus, Izoid
B Queen, Wu Kong, Nara, Zolrath
C Estrilda, Warek, Baden, Ukyo
D Khasos, Antandra, Rigby, Seirus

Heroes that function within the A and B tiers are people who you need to be wanting to make use of in your fight celebration for many functions. Nonetheless, you must also notice that you will need to guarantee that you’ve chosen the correct faction of heroes for the particular quest that you simply’re about to start out.

So, there you will have it – that’s our AFK Area hero tier record for patch 1.87. Be certain that to verify again sooner or later for any adjustments.

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