How To Study And Pass Exams With Ease

Through out my High school and college educations, there was this one thing I observed frequently, which is, most students did not know how to study effectively, thus, how jamb runs to pass exams was most students’ headache. But I strongly believe that with the right study techniques, study skills, study methods as well as the right study guide, every student can easily pass exams. You can allow the college or high school to pass through you – having all the fun on campus, and still pass exams with ease.

The what technique helps students to determine the core lessons being delivered in a particular subject matter. A student listening to a lecturer or reading his or her lesson note should ascertain the “what”of the subject matter or identify and pinpoint all that the lesson is about. The what technique, is all about students being able to summarize a whole lecture notes to some few sentences, putting down some keywords that can help remember the whole lesson taught, including formulas and definition of terms used. The what technique basically helps student remember and reproduce all that is required in your exams. No need to memorize much since you easily understand the resilient stuffs.

Most students really do not enjoy most subjects taught in school because they don’t know the need or why they should learn that subject. The why technique gives the reason or the rational of a subject taught in school. With a strong why, a student is determined to apply all study skills necessary to study and pass the exams. For example, a student taken lessons on public relations, knowing the why of the course, such as being able lead people successfully in a business setup, stays undaunted in studying subject since the reason for studying that course is lucidly made know to him. With this study tip, your how to pass exams is made easy!

Exam SY0-201 is one of the CompTIA certification designed for the candidates who can gain skills on the ability to measure troubleshooting and implementing the issues in the security. By successfully passing SY0-201 exam, candidates can certify this CompTIA security plus certification. This entry level certification helps you to further go for advanced certifications like MCSE, CCNP, CISSP, CCIE and more other Cisco and Microsoft certifications.

The How Technique
This study guide deals with the application of lessons taught in class. Here, formulas, methodologies and procedures come into play. In the how technique, the question asked is “in what way or by what methods do I apply what has been acquired”. He who has something but do not know how to use what he has is not better than he who has not or do not know. Memorizing things do not help much in exams except you know how to apply them. In fact, understanding the application of a subject matter makes memorization quite easy, thereby making studying easy.

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