The Parents Who Are Killing Kids Football

The face of kid’s football is changing and has been for a few years. Each year we see the behaviour of the professional, football superstars from all over the world deteriorating trực tiếp bóng đá and this is having an affect on the on field behaviour of children. Children see their favourite players swearing at the referee and showing no respect and mimic their actions on the field. This is not good for the game in any way. As well as this there have been many cases where touch line parents have been involved in acts of violence against parents from opposing teams, officials and even opposing players. Where and how will it all stop?

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On the touchline you have parents from each team as well as the managers and touch line judges, these people should be here to help support the children but on many occasions they have their own agenda. Theses are generally the same people who in years gone by mat have gone to football matches to conduct acts of violence on opposing supporters but now they have families they no longer attend these matches, instead they vent their frustration and anger at the parents of innocent children who just want to see their children enjoy a game of football on a Saturday morning.

In many leagues now it has got so bad with certain teams that as in any other division teams get points for a win or a draw but for those teams that repeatedly offend with acts of dissent and violence they get points deducted throughout the season. If teams still do not adhere to an acceptable level of behaviour and discipline they can eventually be excluded from the league all together. On many occasions this is totally unfair on the children on the team as they want to enjoy a game of football but it is their parents who are the perpetrators of the poor discipline and violence, and don not for one minute think this is solely a male problem, as many women were given exclusion orders from the law courts last year for acts of violence as were male. This is a cross gender problem.

The problem that comes from all of this is the fact that the children look and learn from adults, if a child sees his parents showing no respect for a referee, a member of the opposing team of a member of the opposing team’s management what is he going to think? This therein causes a vicious circle of violence and bad behaviour that is very difficult to break. And not only are the parents to blame for the increase in poor discipline in kids football, many professional players show not respect for the officials during a game. Many children watch the football on the television and pick up on the poor discipline of the professionals and know no better than to replicate this behaviour at their level.

In the United Kingdom of Great Britain is renowned for it’s terrace violence but in recent years that has subsided but the trouble has spun over to the childrens game. Football on the European continent is much more aggressive than any where else but yet they do not appear to have the same problem with their youth and children’s football set up that we do here. Why is this?

Even something as simple as after each match making children clean their kids football boots [] will instill a degree of discipline. The governing bodies in each commonwealth country have a conference system, normally comprising several divisions, in which the teams gain points throughout the season on results and discipline, this in many cases solves any problems with players and parents but trouble does flare up from time to time. Some of the worse hit areas even have to have a police presence at matches just in case any funny business starts.

Even though many teams are financially penalized for their out breaks of misconduct on the field many teams seem to think themselves above the law. So come a time when we have no football authorities or referees because of unruly parents and children, who will be to blame. Can you blame the referees and authorities for not wanting to take part in a sporting event that they are not getting paid for and are abused from start to finish? I certainly can’t. Many parents are burying their heads in the sand over this issue but it won’t go away without serious action. And what about the parents of decent children who refuse to let their children play for fear of the intimidation and threats that they may receive all in the name of a children’ football match Without the children there will be no games, with out the referee…

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