Gambling is something that is very hated in religion, even the scholars agree that gambling is illegitimate in religion. Many Muslims hate gambling at this time, but there are still many who think that gambling is an ordinary and normal game. And a lot of gambling activities are still circulating in Indonesia today.

This gambling has no end even though religion has prohibited it and the government has issued prohibitions and legal threats for perpetrators. Gambling players are not afraid of the punishments imposed by the government dominoqq terpercaya . The scholars forbade people to gamble because actually gambling is illegitimate in religion.


Gambling games themselves can now be done not only face-to-face or what is commonly called gambling with dealers. where there is an intermediate party who mediates between the actors. However, nowadays a lot of gambling is done online. And as we know there are many sites that provide online gambling including poker gambling, soccer gambling, dominoqq online and many more.

Among the many online gambling, for some reason the government seems slow to eradicate the site. This is not without reason because these sites always change their internet addresses which makes it difficult for the government to track these online gambling sites. This is also influenced by the many online gambling sites and increasing every time.

Many people are trapped in the illegal environment of gambling in this religion, ranging from students to adults. Many of them make bets with very large nominal. In fact, it is not uncommon to make their financial condition disturbed if they experience defeat.

Gambling is illegitimate in religion, where gambling is much prohibited act. Not even half-hearted Allah SWT gives a warning that someone who does or approaches gambling will be rewarded with a very big sin. Therefore it is important for Muslims to stay away from gambling

Islam forbids its people to do their own gambling, not without reason, this is because gambling brings more bad effects than the positive effects it has. In fact, it is not uncommon for many people to run out of what they get just because they play gambling. even the Prophet himself also explained that gambling is forbidden.


For those of you who are currently struggling in a vicious circle at this time, there is no harm in stopping to do illegal gambling inside. Of course, by repenting, quitting gambling will make you a better human being.

Stop playing gambling by maybe saving money that can really be useful for old age, or do charity so that it can be a guarantee when we are no longer in the world at this time.

Quitting from gambling is also not something that is not wrong because of course it is because gambling is illegitimate in religion and indeed people who are pious in the way of Allah are certainly more beloved by Allah. seek support from your family if you find it difficult to get out of gambling

because it is definitely difficult to get out of gambling because of where gambling is illegitimate in religion, but this must be done before getting more sorry because you are further into this gambling environment and the more money you run out.

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