Massage Therapy – Continuing Education Will Take You to the Next Level

Are you currently in an entry level massage therapy job and want to take your career to the next level? Or are you an experienced licensed massage therapist wanting to break into the burgeoning health care industry and practice in a medical setting such as a hospital, nursing home or sports medicine facility? Or do you have a love of animals and want to practice in the growing field of canine massage? Or do you need to fulfill an education requirement? If so, then Continuing Education is what you need.

Full Body Massage Benefits: 5 Reasons to Get a Massage

There are several Continuing Education options from which to choose and these courses are specifically designed for massage therapists to keep you current with trends, satisfy your curiosity, and engage you in new areas of exploration such as prenatal, canine, sports, Eastern massage or medical massage therapy 오피쓰 . In fact, 80 different types of massage types, or modalities, exist according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Taking Continuing Education classes will not only benefit you as a person, but also it will benefit your practice. By learning new modalities you can specialize in specific populations and increase your clientele. This provides the opportunity to increase your hourly rate depending on the type of massage you are performing. Also, the more knowledge, comprehension and application of massage techniques you have, the more you will be able to define your clients’ needs and support them with massage therapy. This allows you to make a more specific pre-massage assessment which directly benefits the client and increases the possibility of him/her becoming a repeat client.

There are three main reasons for taking Continuing Education courses: 1) to obtain an advanced massage therapy degree such as an Associate of Occupational Studies (AOS) degree; 2) to obtain an Advanced Certification in massage therapy; and 3) to obtain Continuing Education (CE) credits in order to renew your state license or professional membership.

Let’s look in more detail at each one of these reasons for taking Continuing Education classes:

1) To obtain an advanced massage therapy degree, such as an Associate of Occupational Studies (AOS) degree

An advanced degree, such as an AOS degree, is geared toward students who want to explore advanced concepts in human anatomy and physiology, including neurophysiology and neuroanatomy, medical massage, and other topics not covered in a basic training Massage Therapy Certificate Program. An advanced degree is the way to go if you want to practice massage therapy in a medical setting such as a hospital or rehabilitative massage clinic. Here are some examples of courses required in order to obtain an AOS degree:

Medical Massage – In this course, the study of advanced pathophysiology and critical thinking skills is combined with specific practical hands-on techniques. Students learn treatment methods specifically geared toward clients with spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, fibromyalgia, and post-surgical conditions.

Trauma and the Body – This course introduces the major concepts of post traumatic stress, and outlines the benefits of massage therapy to survivors of trauma. Students learn techniques that can help restore a sense of balance in the nervous system as well as foster reconnection for survivors who often experience intense physical reactions, memories, and a sense of disconnectedness from their body.

Craniosacral Therapy – Students will learn the fundamental skills that serve as the foundation of craniosacral therapy, including an introduction to the core anatomical and physiological relationships of the Craniosacral system: the fluctuation of cerebrospinal fluid, body articulations, reciprocal tension membranes, dural tube and spinal cord dynamics, and the motillity of the central nervous system.

Upon experiencing a home massage from a professional therapist, you may be tempted to never return to having a massage in a clinic. It is counter-intuitive to get into your car straight after the massage is done to go driving home and undo the muscle and mental relaxation the massage has achieved. Squeezing the steering wheel and sitting in the upright driving position can cause the muscles to tightening up all over again after you have paid to have your therapist release them.

By taking a few minutes of your time to prepare a space for the massage to take place, you can make a home massage a fantastic experience! Your particular living situation and your expectations of the massage will impact on how the following suggestions apply to you.

You may just want a massage to have the remedial relief that it can bring, though the best results tend to arise with a combination of relaxation and remedial work. Relaxation during the massage will likely enhance the physiological benefits that massage provides.

Some Tips in Getting a Great Massage

1. Try relaxing as much as possible before your massage therapists arrives. If you happen to be doing stressful activities before the therapist shows up it will take a lot more time to relax on the table. To begin the relaxation process then you might want to have a bath or take a shower.

2. You should make a suitable space for the therapist’s table and deal with any space restraints. This will make sure your therapist can access the parts of the body that they need without bumping into furniture (or you).

3. You should also turn of any phones such as your home phone or cell phone. A phone ringing during a massage can be very distracting. Even if you decide to not answer it, you will be wondering about who is calling and this can affect the relaxation process.

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