Tall Toilets for Tall People

I am over 6 ft 2 inches tall, and I have a real issue with the normal elongated toilets that many people use these days. They are just too low to sit on and be comfortable. And as a man, I like to take a book or the newspaper into the toilet with me, and by the time I come out, my knees are killing me. But, there is an alternative that can work really well.


If you have never heard of tall toilets, sometimes also referred to as ADA toilets, then you might want to do a bit of a search to find out about them Togel Singapore . These toilets are a couple of inches higher that the standard height toilets that you buy today, and that couple of inches makes a big difference if you are tall, elderly, or have a bad back or some other chronic leg condition. Since the American Disabilities Act came into force, commercial premises have been required to provide toilets for those members of the population with disabilities, and ADA toilets are now common in many public places.

But they do cross over very nicely into the home environment, and can be bought for not much more than the cost of your standard toilet. One thing to consider when buying a toilet like this, is who will be using it? If you have very young kids, or short members of the family, they will probably not enjoy the extra height. The ideal situation is to have two rest rooms if possible, one with the tall toilet in it, and the other with a standard height one. This allows the best of both worlds for the inhabitants of the house. Toto toilets are a very good brand, and they also sell taller toilets, as well as a great range of compact and standard dimension loos as well.

American Standard are not far behind, and many would say that their toilet range is on a par with that of Toto. Kohler and Porcher are two of the other big toilet makers, all offering excellent quality toilets for home and business use. Before buying, it is important that you take note of the dimensions of toilet that you need, the size of the rough-in, and any other salient points that might affect installation. Armed with this information, I tend to head out to the local plumbing store, and take a look at what they have on offer. I may then buy online to make some real savings.

Judy Garland was the teenage girl who played Dorothy Gale in The Wizard of Oz, an MGM musical film released by MGM in 1939. Her performance as the girl from Kansas named Dorothy won her a special Juvenile Oscar and gave her a theme song for the rest of her life: “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.”

The song was initially deleted after executives from MGM thought the movie was too long, but good sense prevailed and it was restored to the movie and survived to become one of the most recognised music of the century.

Many people often refer to Judy Garland as Dorothy, it was the character that put her on the Hollywood map and followed her throughout her life and career. Shirley Temple, then the most popular child star, was originally set to play Dorothy on loan, but her home studio (20th Century Fox) refused to release her to MGM for the movie.

The Wizard of Oz producer Mervyn LeRoy thought that Shirley Temple’s singing voice wasn’t quite up to the standard for the role anyway, so the part of Dorothy was given to Judy Garland who had the singing talent, natural acting ability, star quality and charisma. She toured with her two older sisters known as “The Gumm Sisters” in the vaudeville circuit with moderate success, then later appeared in seven movies before she landed the starring role as Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz.

I read a story about Tony Toto, of Allentown, PA. He operated a pizza parlor there. Tony Toto survived at least 5 attempts on his life, all arranged for or carried out by his dear wife, Frances, & her lover. Twice she arranged for assailants to beat him over the head with baseball bats. On one occasion she put a tripwire across the basement stairs in their house, hoping that he would trip over it & plummet to his death. Twice she arranged for him to be shot. The first time she drugged his chicken soup so he would sleep soundly and he was shot in the head, but miraculously survived. The second time he was shot in the chest, but only sustained minor injuries. Even more miraculous than Tony’s survival was his attitude toward his wife once he found out she was responsible for all of this. Tony said that he held his wife blameless. When she was found guilty & sent to prison for arranging for his murder, he took their 4 children & visited her every week – every single week. Then when she was released from prison, she went back to their red brick home to resume her married life with Tony. With his arm around her, Tony said, “We’re more in love now than ever before.Wow! What a man! This is one very rare case, but how many people can live up with this? I am sure a lot of people would have thrown out the woman at the first attempt or probably kill her in the process. What is happening to our homes and marriages today?

From recent study done in the US, about 49% of all marriages end in divorce and you might think the odds of failure of marriages will be much less for couples heavily involved in the church but I am sorry to shock you, it is not so. Ministries today reports the divorce rate up 279% in the last 27years, this is a frightening statistics.

Taking a survey of all ministers in all denominations, 50% of their marriages will end in divorce. An ABC broadcast reports that the divorce rate in the “Bible Belt” is 50% higher than in other areas of the US. The Christian-Based Research Group reported in January 2000, that 21% of atheists and agnostics will or have experienced divorce while 29% denominational Christians and 34% of non-denominational Christians will or have experienced divorce. This is a rebuke to the church! Where are we getting it wrong?

Most marriages are predicated on faulty foundations and marriages with such foundation cannot last. People get into marriage for the wrong reasons for some it is the wealth that will be available at their disposal, others for reasons other than genuine love entrench in God’s approval.

Is your marriage going through a strain? Are you so stressed and worked up that you are already thinking of calling it a quit? Divorce should not be an option, you can work this through. During my counseling sessions, I have asked couples ‘what attracted them to each other in the first place and if that object of attraction is still present.’

Most marriages get into murky waters when there is a down shift in the relational disposition of either or both partners. When the gifts stops coming, when the communication becomes brief and formal, when the romantic sparks becomes extinguished… then watch out, you are standing on a divorce bomb waiting to explode.

Let me share with you some secrets that I have shared with my audience. It is embedded in the four-letter word L.O.V.E. I am not saying love by mouth but this is love from the very depth of your soul, it’s a connection you must have with your spouse, if anything comes in between this connection then you are on a dangerous path. Let’s look at this together.

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