Saxon Math – Overview of This Homeschool Math Curriculum

Saxon math is regarded as the most thorough, accurate and comprehensive home-school math curriculum. It is the essence of knowledge and experience of a former air force officer and high school math instructor, John Saxon. The curriculum has successfully erased the concept of math as a deadly boring and mind-numbing subject. With over 30 years of proven success, this book has always been able to create and maintain the interest of the learners through its excellent and witty math teaching devices.

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The best thing about this curriculum is its incremental nature. It builds upon the foundations, line by line and percept by percept. The incremental teaching method slowly and gradually unfolds the intricate and significant structures of mathematics 6th grade go math. The curriculum enables the learners to grasp and absorb the concept in chunks. Moreover, the curriculum emphasizes a lot on the retention of these concepts.

The curriculum is divided into three portions. It systematically links instructions, practice and assessment with each other. It simplifies all the concepts for the parents. The curriculum also suggests ways to improve the understanding of their children. It is based on simple and familiar terminologies and algorithms. After thorough instructions, the curriculum has practice exercises to keep on revising the previously introduced concepts. Finally, every chapter has cumulative assessment section. It consists of worksheets, based on the previous questions and problems.

The Saxon math, a home-school math curriculum is augmented with marvelous features to guide and teach you at every level. The home-school curriculum caters all levels from primary through middle to the high level homeschooling.

The  curriculum is designed to teach the basic mathematic concepts such as patterns, geometry, time and comparison and ordering of numbers. The curriculum extends to teach basic addition, subtraction and multiplication concepts. The primary level curriculum focuses on the manipulative math. It offers a manipulative kit to help students to apply their learning in hand-on play. Thus, the Saxon primary grade math proffers a solid foundation of early elementary basics, enabling students to successfully branch out into excellent performance in the upcoming grades.

The Saxon middle grade curriculum smoothly shifts the learners from manipulative and worksheet math to textbook approach. It emphasizes on algebraic and geometric concepts. Following its iterative approach, the new concepts are merged with the older concepts. The new chapters include reviews of the previous concepts. It comprises of upgraded levels of learning ad teaching. The middle grade curriculum holds investigative approach to give an in-depth treatment of math concepts. For convenience, parents can have the solution manual, which offers step-by-step solutions to the problems.

Saxon high grade math curriculum covers algebra, geometry, advanced math and calculus. Algebra offers quite a challenging but enjoyable experience to the students. It explains the concepts with self teaching examples and thus develops a habit of understanding and inferring the concepts independently.

Apart from all its advantages, it has some weaknesses too. According to some instructors, though it provides solid mathematical foundation, but it is quite slow for the bright students, as reworking the same problems everyday makes it boring for the students with a quick pick.

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