Silk Scarves and Shawls for Those Days When Nothing Looks Right

Some days, it does not seem to matter what we women put on, nothing seems to work. We stand in front of the mirror as we work our way through the entire contents of our closets and watch as the piles of clothes mount up on the bed and the floor, but everything still feels wrong. Even outfits that we have worn successfully time and time again are the wrong color, the wrong length, the wrong style or the wrong fit on certain days and yet nothing about us has changed. We still have the same hairstyle, we are still wearing the same make-up and goodness knows we have not grown taller or shorter overnight! Tell me ladies, just how can this be? What on earth is going on here?

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The only real answer that I can come up with here has nothing to do with the clothes, but rather with the change in our moods on different days silk luxury bedding . When we leap out of bed feeling full of the joys of spring and, more importantly, full of self-confidence, we could throw on a bunch of rags and still feel like a million dollars. When we creep out from underneath the bedcovers feeling low in spirit though, we just know that we are going to have an ‘ugly day’ and it does not matter much what we pull out of that closet, it just will not make us feel any better.

It is on days like this, the ‘ugly days’, when what we really need is something extremely special and luxurious to wear; something that will remind us that we are beautiful on the inside and the outside; something that simply cannot fail to provide us with a look of sheer elegance and sophistication. What is this magical item? A luxury, hand painted silk scarf or a handmade shawl.

Unlike printed women’s scarves or shawls or those made from other natural or manmade fabrics, those produced from 100% pure silk and feature hand painted designs have the ability to transform our look and our mood. Swaddled in the soft, silky fabric, it is virtually impossible not to feel like a movie star and of course the exclusive designs which appear on each piece remind us that we are all unique and very special individuals who are worth the very best.

‘Ugly day’ or not, the sheer quality of handmade silk scarves and shawls, the vibrant colors and the stunning designs all mean that these exquisite works of wearable art can be worn over or with just about anything and still bring it to life. If you do find yourself feeling as though nothing looks right, therefore, forget about dragging everything out of the closet and trying it on, because this will almost certainly just add to your frustration. Instead, reach for your fabulous silk scarf and use it creatively around your neck, shoulders, waist or hips, or wrap your favorite silk shawl around you and feel its luxury. Suddenly, whatever else you put on will instantly feel right!

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