Personality and Speech – A Success Mantra

Expression of one’s self is sometimes defined as personality. All of us express ourselves by various acts and movements like dressing, grooming and talking. Human beings are the only ones to use speech for their expression, but the way we say and what we say gives a indication of our personality. Hence SPEECH is the most important factor which counts so much for or against us. We are judged by both our written and spoken language. But most of us speak a great deal more frequently than we write, so we do need to master every phase of speech if we are to win friends, enjoy life fully and succeed in every sector of life. in order to make our language expressive and have better command over it and also to enlarge our vocabulary we are exposed to compositions, comprehensions, essays,etc. In our study right from primary level on correct use of grammar wherein we are taught to choose the effective and appropriate word, correct pronunciation and diction. how to write a cause and effect essay

Presently, great amount of speech consciousness has arisen and In schools children are given extempore, elocutions, debate competitions which help strengthen their speech and thereby boost their confidence levels too. Among national and international beauty pageants too speech plays a very major role in selection of the contestants. They are groomed well in advance for what to speak, how to speak and how much to speak.

There are certain speech faults which destroy all the beautiful sounds of our language. We make these mistakes by using half closed lips, nasal voices and careless pronunciation of words. Speech is a matter of habit. As all good habits can be acquired regardless of our heredity, environment or formal education, so can good speech become an integral part.

A situation has just arisen and you’ve responded to it in a way that is over the top and completely inappropriate. In fact, your response was so out of character you catch yourself thinking, “What was that about?” Or maybe, “Who was that person who just acted like that?” So there you go, you’ve just encountered the twin string pullers,
guilt and rebellion. They are the two keys here. They get their grip on you early and hold on tightly throughout your life. They cause you to respond to situations in ways that feel foreign to you. How does it happen?

Have you ever had to deal with a broken thermostat? With no warning at all it automatically turns your heater way up, and then, at precisely the wrong time, and again with no warning whatsoever, it shuts it off. Your damaged control system functions in much the same way, thanks in no small part to guilt and rebellion. It includes your beliefs, feelings, and all the rules that have become ingrained over the course of your life. And not so much because of anything you yourself have done, but more because of those unresolved problems and issues of your parents (and sometimes siblings) and their effect on you.

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