Matchmaking Is Still Around! Dating Apps Are Playing It Right

“It’s a match!” is the new buzzword for single youngsters. Yes, with dating apps, many are finding potential mates with interests matching with each other. Clearly, this is the mobile-first era where we do not see any problem in knowing someone through a digital medium香港相親.

With such apps, singles are finding a compatible mate, getting to know them and fixing up real dates outside to explore each other more. And moreover, they are truly safe, especially for women because they check and authenticate the profiles of users before letting them connect with any matches. To put it simply, dating apps are the newest means to help singles unsingle their lives with genuine partners 香港相睇.

While dating apps are really paving ways to let single get a life partner, here are the must-have conditions or features-set for creating a completely reliable dating application speed dating.

#1 Algorithms for Matching

This is the first thing of a dating app to help people find someone who fits exactly in his or her criteria. After the users find shared their location, interests, profession, life goals, hobbies, and other details, the app must be able to curate suggestions of profiles based on them. Providing partner suggestions based only on the preferences of users results in lesser profiles display but the quality is always better than quantity.

#2 Filters

Another crucial feature that helps dating apps to bring up some suitable matches is the preferences filters. Filters based on age, location, height, hobbies, life interests, family type, etc. when applied, will let the users choose their partners preferably.

Also, past reviews on major dating sites or apps have proved that users respond more to personalised filters as they are more likely get to find partners with coinciding interests.

#3 Trust scores

Many users fear to interact with anonymous users (using fake names) and hiding their identities behind the app. So, a dating app must come with the feature for background verification to assure users with real connections. One coherent feature is linking the social media accounts of the users with their dating profiles. Some apps even assign a trust score to each user profile, based on their social media associations and so users having greater trust scores can receive matches or initiate conversations online.

#4 Multimedia Files sharing

Dating means highly interactive conversations between two people. To support that over a virtual medium, options for sharing different files like photos, songs, voice records, emojis, stickers, or video records will do great. These features when included in a dating app, will make interactions between two more enjoyable and help them know each other better.

So, youngsters no more bugging the friends to get a life partner! The expedition of dating apps lately has fostered an online dating culture which will continue to grow. They are now looked at a lucrative business idea. And the cost of starting such a venture? It is never beyond the bounds if you have a good and reliable app development partner with hands-on experience in Android and iOS applications.

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